Key features process for Private property sale!

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Key features process for Private property sale!

Do you have any property for sale? Are you looking for a skilled real estate agent to take care of the sale? Well, the time is up for a private property sale! Yes, this is the latest trend in the property market that is more efficient and works faster than a real estate agent. You don’t need to feel embarrassed thinking you are a novice to the niche; there are some private sale agencies that provide needed assistance on your sale.

Features of private property sale

Private sale increases your responsibility for getting the property sold off. You have to market your property and allow potential buyers to see the house during visits.

You are responsible to get the best value of your house that is standard for both you and the buyer.

As you are the hero in this kind of property transaction, you don’t need to deal with any real estate agents. So, you are saved with the expense of real estate commission!

Promoting your property is an important as well as easy aspect in selling your house privately.

There are many websites where you can market your property or house and let people worldwide know about your property in the particular location. Major attraction of private property sale is that you can complete the sale at a time that is convenient for you. You can set a time when to accomplish the final sale and also make necessary arrangements to leave the house at the right time. Private sale does not include any legal fees to pay out as the investment company will arrange a solicitor for you.

Process involved in selling privately?

Once you have decided on selling your house privately, you may have several questions. How to proceed with, where to start from, whom to contact, legal processes, correct price etc… Wait. Let us take one at a time.

In order to start you need to place an ad. The best source for that are the online property platforms or companies such as In such platform once you post your ad you get reviews from people who are interested in your property. You can negotiate with the people in a direct manner. You can also get help from a local news paper.

You should make yourself aware of the prices of properties in your area so that you can negotiate with the buyers who approach you. You can take reference from a property valuation officer.

Next step is to hire a legal expert to make purchase and sale contracts. This is the most crucial step in selling your house. A proper contract is needed to avoid any issues that may arise in course of transfer. Common examples of which include suits regarding the date of transfer and the price of sale. It is also necessary for the expert to ensure that all the procedures have been carried out in the prescribed manner. Matters related to transfer of phone documents, gas connection, insurance documents, garage papers etc… Need to be included in the contract.

Take copies of all legal documents. Receive sale price and hand over the keys to the buyer.

Follow these steps to sell your house successfully. And having saved those extra dollars which you might have wasted as paying to the commission agent as fees, you will be more than happy.

Key features process for Private property sale!