About Us

Just because you live in a quiet community and trust your neighbours that doesn't necessarily mean you and your family are safe. The statistics reveal that victims of the most serious types of crime usually know the offenders, while many crimes are a result of the opportunity that is unintentionally provided to the perpetrators by their victims. There is a lot of truth in the old saying "the opportunity makes the thief".

Devon Association for Protection of the Communities was formed with an aim to help home and business owners throughour Devon and Cornwall to improve their security and protect both their property, site security and personal safety. The most determined criminals unfortunately always find ways to get through even the most advanced security systems. However, improved security involving installation of home/business security alarms, surveillance cameras, security roller shutters, etc. makes crime such as burglary a lot less likely because it increases the criminals’ odds of getting caught which is something they all want to avoid. Therefore the sight of a surveillance camera, security roller shutters, security guards and sometimes even mere presence of people scares off most criminals.

At out website, you can find useful information about home security including what areas of your home are most vulnerable. We will also take a look at common mistakes home owners often unwittingly make and expose themselves and their property to increased risk of crime. We will help you identify potential weak points of your home and provide guidance on how to eliminate them and make your home a safer place for your family. Besides helping you improve your home security, we will also go trough measures that will help you improve security of the entire community such as residential patrols, services and neighbourhood watches which have been shown as a very effective method to tackle crime.

Of course, we will also go through personal safety measures and devices which will help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and defend yourself if physically assaulted. And since as individuals, we are most vulnerable when abroad or on holiday, we will also go through the basics of personal safety when visiting a foreign country or even relaxing on your holiday.

Lastly, we will go through commercial security systems to help you improve security of your business, employees and customers as well as prevent sensitive information and intellectual property from ending up in wrong hands. Today’s business world is marked by cut throat competition and industrial espionage can cause more damage than an armed robbery. Besides commercial security systems to improve physical security, we will therefore also go through security systems which will help you keep sensitive business information safer.